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There’s no ‘on hold’ in heaven
pastor corner

Pastor Jim Jackson, Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

Don’t know who is reading this, but I’ll bet we share one thing in common. I hate being put on hold. You too?

Try calling your doctor for instance. Forget talking to him personally on the phone.

Instead, you’ll get a friendly pre-recorded voice saying “If this is an emergency, call 911.”

Then you may hear about how happy they are that you called and that they are anxious to help. Afterward, you’ll receive several options as to exactly whom you are trying to reach.

For the custodian, #103, the receptionist #104, the billing office $$102, or your doctor’s nurse, #101. Talking to a live person yet? Of course not. Instead you might hear: “Because of our high volume of calls, all circuits are busy now. Please leave your phone number and we’ll call you soon or if you wish to wait, we’re putting you on hold. Wait time may be from an hour or until tomorrow.”

Hopefully you aren’t using your cell phone, for the battery may go dead before receiving a live response. But take heart, stay on the line, put your phone to rest on something with the volume up, Then you’ll “enjoy” some music, likely some kind you’ve never heard or wish to hear again. If you are fortunate though, you might hear something you actually recognize—“Time goes by so slowly…” by the Righteous Brothers.

But by this time with some of your unholy thoughts, you are feeling anything but righteous yourself.

Perhaps you’ll choose to go to the office and speak directly. Please remember to wear your mask, a friendly smile, a calm in your voice, and keep a six foot distance.

Aren’t we glad that when we call upon our Heavenly Father, we are never put on hold, never told anything like: “We’ll get back in touch with you”? When Paul prayed for God to remove the “thorn from his flesh,” he got an immediate answer: “my grace is sufficient.” It wasn’t the answer he wanted, but at least he wasn’t put on hold.

There’s always a direct line to heaven, the circuits may be busy, but our God can answer millions of calls at once, but only if you pray.

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