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Thanks for helping our garden grow
Letter to editor
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Editor, The staff and residents of Magnolia Manor on the Coast would like to express our sincere gratitude for the very generous support recently received from several groups in the community.
The Richmond Hill Garden Club’s “G-Team” volunteered their time and experience to beautifying two of our garden beds for the residents of Magnolia Manor to enjoy.  Tim and Dave’s Nursery provided the wonderful plants and a mulch delivery.  Both organizations went above and beyond to make the garden committee’s vision a reality.  The back terrace garden beds are now filled with wonderful blooming chrysanthemums in time for the autumn season.  
We continue to be a thriving, active retirement community through the help, support and generosity of Richmond Hill’s small businesses and volunteer clubs.  Many thanks to the G-Team, Tim and Dave’s Nursery and all of our participating residents.
The following is an excerpt from an article “Chrysanthemums on Parade” written by Magnolia Manor resident Mary Tillinghast:
“When I went out Saturday evening to get a closer look at the gardens, I was deeply impressed. The center circle of lantana had been replenished —no more bare spots, neat clumps of chrysanthemums were artfully lined up between the crape myrtle trees that are at each end of the two side gardens. And standing as sentries were variegated red leaves of acuba plants. Pine straw had been removed and replaced with red mulch around the circle and in the two side gardens.
“The evening was quiet and balmy.  I was alone.  I strolled along the railing at lakeside to look at the two hibiscus plants in large green pots and the smaller arborvitae, then stood at the end of one garden from which I could contentedly let my gaze encompass all.  A monarch butterfly was collecting nectar from the lantana.  My reward was a soothing sense of peace and harmony, of serenity.”

— Kelly Wood, Magnolia Manor on the Coast

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