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Tea Party needs to beware of success
News editorial
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Once again, Tea Party activists have shown their clout with candidates winning GOP primaries in both New York and Delaware. It’s just the tip of what some hope is a very big iceberg. It may well be.
After all, as CNN reported Thursday, candidates backed by the Tea Party have won at least eight major GOP nomination fights across the country this year, in Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Utah. They’ve also shown strength in countless other races, including here in Georgia. But the Tea Party might want to take a long hard look at the party it most likes to scorn, because therein lies a lesson: It’s easier to run and win than win and govern effectively.  
Remember, it was only two years ago that Democrats essentially blistered the Republicans a new backside to take control of Congress and win the White House, but already many polls show the Dems have lost favor with a majority of Americans.
Many Republicans believe their party will be the beneficiary once November rolls around and they may be right.
You may blame the economy for the Democrat’s supposed meltdown, but that would be unfair, given that many of the problems we’re facing today were created by the previous administration and plenty of good old-fashioned greed.
Health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a crumbling infrastructure, immigration – all are problems that have deep roots. They obviously can’t be fixed by throwing dollars at them, but they surely won’t be solved by returning to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place
That’s one reason the Tea Party has such appeal. It promises something different while pointing fingers at those scoundrels in Washington. Trouble is, so far that seems to be the whole platform.
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