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Supports Kingston, Carter
Letter to the Editor

Editor: Every decision by voters should be taken very seriously. It’s our role as active citizens in this republic. This year, we have rare open seats for the U.S. Senate seat and our coastal Congressional seat. Our home front faces incredible challenges from a weak economy and illegal immigration to a lack of an energy policy and a broken healthcare system. Add to this a volatile world from the middle east to China and Russia and enemies circling America and Israel.  
To meet these challenges, I believe we need honest, straight talking conservatives willing to fight for our values and defend our nation. Voting “no” is the right thing to do for bad bills, but at some point, a “yes” vote is required to pass corrective legislation, reduce job-killing regulations, repeal bad laws, and confirm conservative Supreme Court Justices. I have watched Jack Kingston and Buddy Carter for a long time. From their childhood, both have raised a family, built a business, and maintained a strong, active faith. I look at a candidate’s heart and mind first then I look at their record. As mayor of Pooler, Buddy laid the groundwork (without increasing taxes) for what is happening on Chatham’s westside today. As a Congressman, Jack has cut federal spending, ended earmarks, and supported our soldiers. Both men have built a conservative voting record and both have challenged the status quo, including their own party’s leadership. And, while we can all criticize or second guess a few individual votes, their records are solidly conservative.
These races offer critical decisions for voters. Once elected, incumbents are generally there for as long as they want. Like Reagan, I will take a proven conservative record over people with no record who can tell you whatever you want to hear and may be subject to Potomac Fever once they get there. It’s the same debate with both races — a trusted official who we agree with 90 percent of the time or someone who wants to walk into a high level seat without proof that they can stand up for the Constitution and their own party leadership when it matters. Our nation needs people in Congress that can change our nation’s course and know where our blessings and freedom comes from. That takes a personal journey and evidence of their internal beliefs. This is why I am voting for Jack Kingston and Buddy Carter and pray that they can help America return to our roots of freedom, personal accountability and free enterprise.

— Eric Johnson

Note: Johnson is an architect and former state senator who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for governor in 2009.

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