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Selma Shuman: Things can get under the skin
Selma Shuman
Selma Shuman

These are my pet peeves.

Someone not putting down the toilet seat or not wiping off the seat if they tinkle on it.

Someone not shutting the door completely when they come in or go out, especially if it’s my door.

Someone flying around me when I’m going 55 mph and deciding they will go 53 mph.

Someone sending me an invitation on group text. Hate it.

Someone not getting all their groceries before they start putting groceries on the counter.

People not using turn signals or putting them on just before they turn. 

People who always knock everything I like.

People who cook, stir and sample from pot, and stir again with same spoon.

People who do not wash hands after going to the bathroom, or playing with hair.

People talking on cell phone while they are driving.

Kids sitting behind you in the movies kicking the back of the chair and parents not making them stop.

The tallest person in the theater sitting in front of you when there are about 100 vacant seats.

People thinking their opinion is the only one that matters.

People who open a canned drink and only drink a third of it.

People who tell you to get over it and move on, but they can’t and don’t.

People wanting to socialize with you, but stay on the phone 90 percent of the time they are with you.

People getting upset with you, but you can’t get upset with them for the same thing.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does any of this bother anyone else? Great. I ‘ll tell you what I’m told.

Get over it. Move on. Be safe, be happy, move on.

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