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Pray for families
pastor corner

This week is my sister’s birthday. Not that she will read this, but happy birthday, Sis!

I’ll call her sometime today. I know that her husband, children and grandchildren will make it a special day for her. They really do birthdays big.

My dad had to move in with Pam and Stan back in March. So she went from empty nest to primary caregiver overnight.

I know it has been a challenge for her but she has been quite faithful, and Stan has gone above and beyond the call. I am very grateful to them, and I know my dad is as well.

Not long ago Dad said to me that he was embarrassed and disappointed that he has had to become dependent on us. I had gone up to spend a week with him so that Pam and Stan could go on vacation.

He is unable to walk due to deterioration of the bone in his foot. Just to move from room to room he needs help. And he doesn’t like it. After all, who would?

I’m not in the habit of arguing with my dad, but I reminded him that he had once cared for us when we could not care for ourselves. I also spoke of his great care for our mom when she was sick and dying. He was truly faithful to his wedding vows.

My sister and I agree that we are not burdened but are honored to do whatever we can to make his final days with us good ones.

What is it about family? Why is it so important? As you read the Bible you should note that the family was the first institution God created. He made us to live within families, and he is pleased when we do so with love.

Many families are broken today. Some seem beyond repair. Let us remember to pray for our families and also not to take them for granted.

Let us seek to love and serve within the family, and let us thank God for that privilege.

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