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Pigs, Paul, and perceptions
pastor corner

Dr. Lawrence Butler

The Bridge Church, Pembroke

A day like many others. Yet, one of those memorable moments happens suddenly and quite expectantly. 

My wife had to make a quick trip to a doctor’s office to receive an injection. I dropped her off close to the door, found a convenient parking place, and engaged in what would be today a rather strange activity. It was called in those days – reading a newspaper. For those who have no idea what this is all about, in days of a bygone era, the news was printed each day on paper and delivered to homes of the subscribers, sold on street corners or placed in metal containers outside busy areas where they could be purchased for a nominal price. Many people did just what I was doing – reading about the latest happenings.

When parking my car, I was put in the unfortunate position of squeezing into a tight space next to a conversion van. That meant one that had been made convenient for travel by putting comfortable seats and sometimes even a couch that could be made into a bed into the van. The vehicles were entirely too close for my wife to get into our car upon returning, so I planned to move when necessary.

In the meantime, a lady approached the van and was apparently planning to back out of the parking space. My father taught me to be a Christian, my mother and grandmother taught me to be a Southern gentleman, so I had to do something. I was concerned that there was not enough room for her to open the door and get in the van, so I offered to move my car to help.

She looked at me and said, “You male chauvinist pig! I can drive this van.” As you may have assumed, this was not the response I was anticipating. Thus, I continued my reading while she squeezed into the van, backed out safely and drove away. Fortunately, this was my last encounter with her. Paul addressed the issue of behaving properly in I Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” This simply means bad friends will have a bad influence on your life. Don’t see life and people as though someone is always out to hurt you. Sometimes an offer to help is just that – and offer to make life a little better for you. Oh, and guys, don’t be male chauvinist pigs!

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