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Parade turnout shows support for 4-H
News editorial
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What’s not to love about a parade? The floats, the candy, the music, the excitement. Everyone loves a parade — at least as long as it’s not raining and cold outside.
That is unless you live in North Bryan, where it apparently takes a lot more than a good, soaking rain to keep people from celebrating Christmas.
Saturday proved to be nothing short of a terrible day for a parade. Still the good folks of North Bryan came out in droves to support the annual Christmas parade and festival in Pembroke. And though it’s often better known as the “Pembroke parade,” the event is actually a product of the Bryan County 4-H and serves as the organization’s sole fundraiser for the year — every year.
So those who braved the weather, and inevitably got soaked at least once, were supporting more than just their local holiday parade. They were supporting a leadership program that serves the children of all of Bryan County — not just those in the northern end of the county.
It’s wonderful to see such a great turnout for the local 4-H program’s annual fundraiser in such terrible weather. But wouldn’t it be great to see those attendance numbers grow more and more in the years to come — despite the weather? Surely a youth program as dedicated and well-rounded as 4-H deserves the support of the entire community it serves.  

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