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An open letter to his Republican party
Letter to the Editor generic


An open letter to Sen. David Perdue and Rep. Buddy Carter.

I am sorely disappointed in my party, the Republican party of Georgia, in its continued disregard for serious threat to our coastline based on totally false narratives being fed to us by the petroleum industry.

If you do not understand the dynamics of the disastrous effects of seismic testing or are yet to appreciate the truth surrounding such a process, please find a source of unbiased information such as a marine scientist and get the facts.

Although this issue has been brought to you numerous times with zero response, you should at least be interested in learning the truth about the inherent dangers found in seismic testing.

The bumper sticker slogans coming from the petroleum industry “Energy Independence and National Security” ring hollow in the face of the truth. Subsequently, the actual need for such disastrous and dangerous activities comes into question. The word “greed” comes to mind.

Georgia avoided having a liberal progressive leftist being our governor by a mere 50,000 votes in the midterm elections. Next time they will not miss unless the Republican Party of Georgia gets its feet back on the ground and starts representing the citizens of Georgia and not the deep pocket special interests.


 Roy Hubbard

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