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Only you can let God into your life
pastor corner

One thing that God won’t do is force us to serve him. One thing that God will do is invite us to become his child.

When he came to earth in human flesh, he approached his future disciples with the invitation to follow him. We know of some who chose to follow him, but we also know that there were those who chose not to.

In Matthew 19, the rich young ruler decided to go away rather than to say “yes” when Jesus said, “Come follow me.”

If you have ever seen the famous picture of Jesus standing at a door knocking, there is something revealing about that scene – there is no doorknob or latch on the outside of the door.

This illustrates that if Jesus is going to come into our life then we must be the one who opens the door of our heart to let him in.

The truth is that we all have to make a decision whether or not we will get into a right relationship with God. This means we all have to decide whether or not to follow Jesus since this is God’s only plan.

The good news is that if we will choose to open the door, he will come in.

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