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One thing is unchanging
pastor corner

I have lived on this earth for several decades and have seen my share of changes.

I have seen society going from phones only plugged in at home to cell phones that we can do about anything with.

I have seen us go from having to go to a physical location to buy something to getting on the internet and having it delivered to our homes, sometimes by the next day.

I have seen us go from full service gas stations to where a person has to do it all, everything from pumping gas, checking fluids and washing your windshield.

I have never lived in a time where I am seeing changes that are happening almost on a daily basis as a result of the coronavirus. We all are having to make adjustments in our daily lives.

We at the church have had to go from services where parishioners are here physically to a totally online service. We have had to be creative in our interaction with others.

Another thing that changes is people. Sometimes there are those who change from being nice to someone being angry and mean.

Sometimes people that are angry and mean can change to people who are nice.

By the way, the Bible teaches that when someone accepts Jesus into his or her life, then a transformation begins and such a person becomes a better person in their relationship with God, as well as others.

One thing we can always be assured of is our God never changes. He is, has been and will forever be a God who is loving, just, merciful, faithful, compassionate, caring, forgiving, dependable and so much more.

He is always available when we pray in the midst of this crisis and will never disappoint nor fail us. The scriptures reassure us of this in Malachi 3:6 where we are told, “For I the Lord do not change,” and again in Hebrews 13:8 where the writer penned, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

If you are trusting in God, be encouraged. And if not, then open up your heart and life to the one who desires to help you so much.

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