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Note on going twice a week
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If you checked out the front page of today’s Bryan County News, what I’m about to announce is no surprise.
The News is going twice-a-week in a matter of weeks.
And while I’ll leave the catchy slogans – twice as nice? – for someone in the ad department to cook up, I think this is a good thing for a number of reasons, not the least of which is it allows us to get more names, faces and news in the paper. And that’s the heart and soul of community journalism.
 It’s what we try hard to do as best we can. And that’s why  I believe hitting your mailbox on Wednesdays and Saturdays will allow us to be more timely with hard news while giving us a chance to expand what we offer.
In that regard, we’re adding Parade magazine and thinking hard about crosswords, Sudoku and an entertainment section that provides readers with a look at what’s going on both here and in Savannah.
We also plan on adding more local feature and sports content, without sacrificing our dedication to covering Bryan County as hard as we can from one end to the other.
To do that , we’re in the process of investing in more newsroom help to improve our ability to look fairly, accurately and when necessary, critically at the issues that impact you most and then provide relevant coverage that matters.
And in case you’re wondering, this has been in the works for quite some time.
It was on a front burner when I got here in October and is part of a plan to make this newspaper the best of its size in the state, period.
Our website is part of that initiative. Currently up in what the computer folks call “ beta” form, it will soon provide you the opportunity to submit news and share photos while also giving you the chance to write your own blog or interact with our staff on a number of levels. We expect it to be complete by next week.
 When it’s finished, it will provide us with a means to give you video, breaking news, a dining guide and more.
If you’re interested, go check it out at And let me know what you think about the website and our expanded publication days. I’d like to know if there’s something you’d like to see more of in the paper, or less of.
You can reach me at 756-2668, or by mail at Jeff Whitten, The Bryan County News, Suite 3, 10221 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA, 31324.
Thanks for reading.

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