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A new beginning
pastor corner

In 1996, I was sitting in my office at a church in South Carolina when I wrote in a journal some interesting thoughts. I had planted a new church in Indiana in 1987 but never really thought much about doing such a thing again. This day was different, because I was thinking, that if I ever did do this again, what that would look like. I wrote down that the name would be “New Beginnings” and that we would not take a public offering. In 2001 I was asked to pray about planting a new church near Savannah and after much prayer moved into the area, and here we are 23 years later with a vibrant church called “New Beginnings” in Richmond Hill.

This name “New Beginnings” represented something to me because it was a new beginning for my family moving to a place that I had never been before. In a spiritual sense it can mean beginning a new life as a Christian, leaving an old life as a non-believer.

It can mean beginning new lifestyles and godly habits leaving old lifestyles and habits behind. Actually, our first members started coming to the church because they had just moved from another country and for them the words “New Beginnings” resonated. There have been other families that have moved from other parts of this country and the same was true.

My prayer for this community is that those who haven’t decided to follow Jesus will experience a new beginning by doing so and that each of us realize each day is a new beginning for us to make a difference in the world around us.

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