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Local elections are important; Get to know your candidates
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In a big election year, like the one we are currently in the throes of, it’s easy to get wrapped up in high-stakes politics. We are electing a president, which is no small thing, and unless you live in a hole in the ground, we are being constantly bombarded with mud-slinging advertisements and round-the-clock analysis.

Few would argue the importance of electing the president of our nation. But equally important and sometimes overlooked are our local elections.

Choosing the people who will make the decisions right here at home is just as important – their decisions will have a more immediate and possibly greater impact on our daily lives.

So to introduce the local candidates, if you don’t already know them, the Bryan County News will be running the responses to questionnaires mailed to all local and state candidates serving Bryan County. We have only two local contested races: in North Bryan a three-way race between incumbent Joe Kendrick, Noah Covington and Ed Bacon for the District 1 seat on the Board of Commissioners; and in South Bryan between school board vice chairman Jeff Morton and Marianne Smith for the District 4 seat on the Board of Education.

Some state and federal delegates are also being challenged, including state Rep. Jan Tankersley and Rep. Ron Stephens, as well as Congressman Jack Kingston.

And there are numerous uncontested races that will appear on ballots across the county, including county commission chairman, sheriff, clerk of court, probate judge and others.

Though the Nov. 6 Election Day is a little less than three weeks away, we hope to get as much information on our local candidates to voters before the close of early voting on Nov. 2.

To take a look at the ballot you will see when you go to the polls, and to double check your voting place if you decide to cast a ballot on Election Day, visit the “My Voter Page” at

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