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Take care with flags
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Editor, Recently, while traveling to a meeting at the county courthouse annex, I was ashamed to see the way numerous businesses and residences display the flag of our nation. I saw flags that were torn, faded, dirty or just unserviceable.
If you have a U.S. flag that is in poor condition, please replace it and let all Americans see that you care for and respect this great symbol of a free nation.  
Recently, a friend of mine took a flag etiquette quiz and one of the questions concerned proper disposal of the American flag. The question was, “How should you dispose of a U.S. flag that is beyond repair?”
The options were: 1. Burn it. 2. Shred it. 3. Give it to your local government or American Legion Post to properly dispose of it.
The quiz gave the correct answer as “You should give a flag that is beyond repair to your local government or your American Legion Post to dispose of.
However, with the problems facing our local government, the best solution is to ask a member of a local American Legion Post to take it.
Please remember, Memorial Day is rapidly approaching and it would be a disservice to all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation to fly unserviceable American flags on this day of remembrance.

— Dennis P. Fitzgerald
American Legion Post 321 commander
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