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Spread the blame to where it belongs
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Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to many letters I have read in your paper and entries on your blog.

First of all, I am a resident of south Bryan County. Secondly, I work for the city of Richmond Hill. As such, I do a certain amount of complaining myself (particularly about Hwy. 144) and I also hear quite a few complaints directed toward the city of Richmond Hill. Maybe because of my position I am better able to understand where one stops and the other begins.


Here is my problem: I am appalled at how often the people who complain have no idea who is actually accountable for their issue. I so often read of people complaining about what the mayor and council are doing (or not doing) about a problem that is actually a county issue, or an EPD issue or a GDOT issue. You get the picture. Very often the people who complain do not take the time to find out who is actually responsible for a problem, or what efforts have been made to address a problem before going on record with a complaint that nothing is being done.


Go ahead, complain! As much as we gripe about changes around the city and county in the past years, that is what a complaint is, a request for yet another change. I would never deny a citizen their right to complain. But please, find out who is answerable for the problem you are looking at before you start assigning blame. Remember, you have a state and county government accountable for problems in this area also. Let’s spread some of the blame where it really belongs.


Joy S. Lee

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