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Sewage plant doesn't need to be Rolls Royce
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Dear Editor: Jeezey Peezey Auntie Louisee. The Liberty County Development Authority wants to build a humongus waste treatment plant in the Tradeport Industrial Park that is going to cost us MEGA BUCKS. Then they are going to dump the effuse in our local waterways and maybe foul our marshes. But they tell us that’s OK because it’s safe and all (Hey Louisanaians does that sound familiar - How’s that safe thing looking to ya now?) cause they had “their people” do a study. Never mind the professional scientists at Skidway Institute of Oceanography don’t agree with their findings, even though all they do 24/7 is concentrate on our rivers and oceans. Unlike “our people” they don’t also build waste treatment plants as a sideline, just the environment ma’am, just the environment.
But wait we’re told we need this Rolls Royce of a waste treatment plant because of not only the hand full of businesses in the park, but the thousands of acres in the vicinity that are going to be developed tomorrow. A Cadillac will just not do. It has to be the Rolls. Oops. The Coastal Courier spilled the beans. Thousands of acres of “the development” were put in a 15 year conservation easement last year, not yesterday...last year. What is the shelf life of Waste Treatment technology. Betcha 15 years from now when we really “need” the Rolls it’ll be antiquated and not worth a poop. But still many of those on the LCDA say stop talking and start abuilding.  Daggone thing isn’t even built yet and it’s starting to stink already. Whata ya think Auntie Louisee? Think they need to start looking for a Cadillac, or maybe even Town Car. They seem to work everywhere else. Love ya. Brucie.
Bruce A. McCartney
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