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Reader: Shall we remain a republic?
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Editor: We are at a turn in the road, a crucial moment in our country’s history. My good neighbors of Bryan County need to be awakened to vote on Nov. 2. Don’t remain asleep and let the future of our free country slip between your fingers.
“We the people” are a last hope. You must choose between tyranny and freedom, big government or small government, a democratic republic or keep progressing into communism?
You must know by now that something is not right. You are right and our government is far too left. They are so left they are not recognizable to me anymore. Let me peel the skins of the proverbial onion for you. They are all a progression, one leading to the other. How far will we let them go with our precious country?
Democrat – well no one has too much of a problem with this idea.
Leftist – we’ve heard this one enough not to let it bother us too much.
Progressive – Hillary Clinton said she was this. Progress to what, I ask myself?
Socialism – now we are sort of getting a little uncomfortable, but people have now heard it enough and it’s not bothering anybody anymore. Why?
Communism – do you see where we are going guys and gals? Wake up from your labors for a moment will ya? It doesn’t stop there folks.
Maoist radical – now that’s pretty scary. No need for “trick or treat” this year.
Do you see the layers here folks? We must stop this machine before it is too late. You must educate yourselves on the candidates and vote out the bad incumbent bums that don’t make reading bills a priority. A bill shouldn’t be passed that is more than 10 pages, much less one that is over a thousand, like the health care bill. The health care bill was designed to destroy America. Europe can’t afford it. Canada can’t afford it, they come here.
Besides, and more importantly, health care is not a job assigned for the federal government, nor is education. All of these so-called “helps for society” are just power grabs. Do you think these people actually wrote this thousand-page health care bill in a couple of months? No, this piece of trash was composed over many years by the Progressives who want to take power.
I need Glenn  Beck to explain it to me, why Obama is making the crazy decisions he is making. Obama sees things from an entirely different mindset than we do. I believe he sees things from a past that is not American – that his family raised him to believe that communism is a good thing and that Americans are colonialists raping third world countries of their natural resources.
I don’t believe this to be true. I think we buy, at a fair trade, what we take from foreign nations and employ at our chagrin people all over the world. I don’t see this as rape, Mr. President. He wants to share your pay check with the rest of the world. He wants a world Communist Machine. You may say I’m crazy, but take a look at who surrounds him. All of these czars and most of his advisors have sordid backgrounds that would be very scary to you if you looked into them.
I want you to really take a look at what a large government will do to you. It thinks you are stupid and can’t think for yourself so it has to create large agencies to take care of you. I don’t think so. I think we would do better with more of our hard earned money. They need to stop taxing us on everything we do. Death tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, etc., is there no end? I say we make them smaller and keep more of the money we’ve made. Stop all the controlling of our every move. You guys haven’t seen anything yet. They think you should not have a refrigerator in your home. (Too much emissions you know.)
Another note about the problem with a large central government that I found while reading about our beloved first president George Washington is the fact that there was no central place for our government at that time. This worked out very well for one crucial part of the revolutionary war. The enemy could not find the seat of our government because it wasn’t located in one particular place it was divided into 13 colonies. (How brilliant, if we were to return more power to the states.) This made it very difficult for the enemy to seize. To say the least, General Howe of the British Army, was not amused but very confused. You see, our government was small and could be relocated anywhere.
Our government is too fat. It has lost its effectiveness. You can surely spend your money more effectively than this machine in Washington. The leaders in Washington, on both sides, have allowed themselves to become corrupt with power and greed and many other vices that the Lord’s book points out. They have simply lost their way. I believe Mr. Obama himself has mocked the Holy Word of God, and I firmly resent this coming from our president. These kinds of actions tell me that all is very wrong in our central governing place. We need all of us to straighten up this mess.
Please don’t think your vote won’t count. It will take every one of us to vote for the person that will be best for the job. Think about the meaning of the words United States. We are not the “Union of Federalist States of America” are we? U.S., the United States, it will take all of us to vote with an educated and principled voice to stop the progression of the left.

Jennifer Jeffers
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