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Liberals should quit resorting to violence
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Editor, Violent protests are the exclusive domain of liberals. Liberal mobs riot in the streets, attacking police, turning over cars and setting them on fire. They take these opportunities to loot businesses in the middle of their violent activities. Many children of liberal parents are raised to be hoodlums. They are taught to be violent to get their way.
I have never seen violence from a conservative mob. I’ve never even heard of a conservative mob.
The difference between the street thug liberals and liberal politicians is the politicians suppress their violent tendencies only to plot much more destructive looting of private business and the American taxpayer. The biggest hoodlum in politics right now is our mobster-in-chief, President Obama.
Liberals want criminals and terrorists set free because personal responsibility has no place in the ideal liberal world. In stark contrast, liberals consistently want law enforcement officers and prosecutors put in jail because they put radical leftist criminals and terrorists in jail.
When a liberal politician commits a crime, he is treated as a hero by his colleagues and the media. They will not hold any liberal politician accountable for any crime. If a conservative politician has any tiny perceived conflict of interest, his colleagues run him out of office.
Liberal politicians say that they cannot be held to any moral code because they attest to have no morals. Immoral (fake) conservatives are denounced by other conservatives and driven out of office.
Now, some Democrats in Congress are claiming that they were spat upon or called politically incorrect names during their disgusting victory march through the capital entrance on Sunday, March 21. A brick was thrown through one of the health-care mobster’s windows. Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York was that “alleged” victim.
I think it is much more likely that these acts, if true, were committed by Democrats so they can claim to be victims. They do this all the time with hangman nooses and racist graffiti on college campuses and elsewhere.
If these spitting and name-calling acts actually happened, we would have seen video proof, unless the video proves it was all a setup.

— Al Teal

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