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Speaking truth
pastor corner

We are right in the middle of a political election season and I personally, as a pastor, try not to get involved by telling people how to vote or by taking sides on social media. The main reason is that politics can be so divisive and hateful, and I don't want to add to either. I will speak on Biblical issues, that may cross over into the political arena, but I try not to speak on them during election times, not to be misunderstood as to my motives.

I do pray daily, for our politicians, for the elections, and for those running for office that God's will be done. One of the main things that concerns me is that so much being said by politicians as well as those promoting politicians is simply not true, so I pray that the truth will somehow be revealed. In scripture Pilate asked Jesus this question, "What is truth?" and this is the question we ought to be asking that causes us to do research.

If we feel so compelled to speak out about any political issue, may we do our best to make sure it is true and always from a spirit of love. Ephesians 4:15 tells us to "speak the truth in love".

Pastor Steve Lane

New Beginnings Community Church

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