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Letter to the editor: Spending money we don’t have
Letter to the Editor generic


Elected officials have spent money we don’t have an nearly bankrupted our nation. I might add they do so with the blessing of citizens who keep electing them with promises of “free stuff “ of course which doesn’t exist. They have enriched themselves at our expense plus there’s a large segment of them that committed financial crimes that impacted our national security with no regard for the pledge they take on a bible to protect our constitutional government. It appears they will start a war with Russia and probably more worrying China too. All will be done in the name of protecting us but in reality it’s nothing more than a pure coverup of their criminal activity.

We need a clean sweep of all lifers to include term limits.

We need to freeze federal wages and hiring plus start downsizing all agencies to get control over our deficit.

We need elected officials to do their job as overseers of constitutional law and be disciplined in budgetary financial decisions. Over decades they have slowly rendered a lot power to the bureaucracy which should have never been done. We’ve literally paid dearly for this major breach of leadership skills and now because of incompetence and corruption we may find ourselves shedding the blood of our young people for politicians that have more in common with Putin and Chairman Xi than with true Americans. We are a nation of individual responsibility and discipline that separates us from all other countries. President John F Kennedy said it best: “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

Get involved, stay informed and let’s go back to our roots of disciplined hard workers that takes pride in our accomplishments and believes in small government not a utopian society that can never be.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell Ga

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