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Letter to the editor: It’s possible for us to respect one another
Letter to the Editor generic


Think about it, when you start a friendship or relationship with someone, you start with what you have in common with one another.

And those things that you have in common become the foundation by which you build your relationship and friendship upon. In a culture that has become so diversified in perspective, it has only caused more divided lines and higher walls. Is there a way to hold onto our convictions and beliefs and still be friends with those who don’t see the world the way we see it? What kind of baton are we passing on to our children, grandchildren and future generations? If we can’t respect each other in spite of our differences, we can’t expect our kids to either.

I have experienced a lot of brokenness in my life and I’m honestly thankful. Because through the brokenness I have learned to love others in spite of their beliefs or values being different from mine. I search for the common good that we have and build from there. It would be impossible to think that all of us can have the same beliefs and values. But it’s not impossible for all of us to be unified in respect and value for one another. That is my prayer for our nation, our community, and future generations.

Rebecca Ricker, Richmond Hill.

 Editor’s note: Ricker is running for the Bryan County Board of Education as a Republican.

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