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Letter to the editor: Ward a good pick for council
Letter to the Editor generic


Do people truly understand the power of their vote? One person will be chosen to represent Post 2 on Richmond Hill’s City Council. One! And, if you live in the city limits of Richmond Hill, you get to choose! There is a lot of weight to that. This person will be one of four who will make decisions on behalf of our community. This is a BIG choice.

I want to tell you about my choice. City/county boundaries prevent me from using my right to vote for Robbie Ward this November, but as the principal of the school he attended as a child, and as a former elected official of this community at large, I know what it takes to be in office. Robbie is the right choice.

 I spent over 60 years educating. It is hard to teach leadership and nearly impossible to teach vision. Robbie Ward has both. They are God-given talents that should be utilized by this town. The decisions upon us need a visionary leader with business sense, common sense and energy. Robbie has all three.

I encourage you to vote. Robbie Ward will represent and lead our people where they want to go with class, extreme attention to detail, and with a purpose to keep Richmond Hill a place we are all proud to call home.

Sincerely Frances Meeks.

Editor’s note: Meeks is a longtime local teacher who served on the Bryan County Board of Education. Frances Meeks Way is named after her.

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