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Letter to the editor: Veteran says POTUS reports are bogus
Letter to the Editor generic


 Lately we have been inundated by media reports that POTUS disparaged our military and veterans by calling them ‘Losers and Suckers’ over 2 years ago. Of course, this discourse is being driven once again by an unnamed source, even though 14 or so named sources unequivocally state it to be untrue (in other words, a lie).

This reporting begs the question which no one seems to want to ask, just why is this being brought to light now instead of 30 months ago?.

I believe the answer to that can be simply summed up as, “With everything (Lie) thrown on the POTUS wall… Nothing ever seems to stick’.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

The Steele Dossier with all its salacious intriguing facts, and proven to be a lie, was front and center months on end to force POTUS to resign. It was a bold face bought and paid for lie. When that wasn’t successful, the infamous 5 minute call by the, again, unnamed source that was proven to have met a member of Congress’s staff beforehand.

More shizer sliding down the wall.

So what are we to do now?

How about another anonymous source that claims POTUS disparages the military and veterans. Seems some coincidence that an opposition campaign ad came out less than 24 hours from when the accusation was made.

One should ask oneself if one is so hellbent against this low percentage of Americans who are military (1 percent) or Veterans (7 percent) why is POTUS: 

Continuing to rebuild our military depleted by the last administration?

Continuing to insist for pay raises for our military?

Continuing to make much needed improvements to VA System?

NOT since Ronald Reagan have we had a POTUS so supportive and who shows the utmost respect of our military or veterans.

Need a bridge?

Bruce A. McCartney, SFC, USA (ret- ch61) RVN 7/68-7/72 100 percent Disabled

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