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Letter to the editor: Politicization of law enforcement worrisome
Letter to the Editor generic


If there is one thing that should concern us all, it’s the breakdown and politicization of the rule of law.

I was walking my dogs recently when a man came stomping menacingly towards me with his finger wagging, “You don’t need to be walking this way!!”

 My big dog did not take kindly and showed his displeasure barking as I reached for my phone to snap a photo; I mumbled something about the police may need this after my boy rips his throat out.

He seemed convinced the police wouldn’t respond to my call.

 Which made me think about the drunken elderly lady who pulled up alongside me one day, also while I was walking my dogs, motioning for me to come over to her truck. Being the respectful southern boy that I am, I obliged. She directed my attention downward just as she unfolded a towel in her lap that hid a gun, “I’m gon’ shoot you (homophobic slur)”, she said. Calm as can be.

I was flabbergasted, obviously, and replied, “you can’t be serious, are you drunk?”

Just then, a neighbor walked up behind me and asked what the woman said. I told her and she replied, “If you don’t call the police I am.” I did.

They showed up quickly and it turned out well enough but, not before one of the police officers wanted to know, “why do you advertise you’re gay in the newspaper, why do you write that stuff?”

“Are you interrogating me!?”, I asked.

“No, not at all, I just really want to understand why you write what you do.” OK. He was very kind and sincere. I explained: I write for two reasons, to encourage my people, LGBTQ, but also to help inform my fellow citizens.

Law and order held.

Now comes word that the Trump-DOJ-appointed special counsel John Durham, deputized to investigate the investigators regarding the origins of the Trump and Russia collusion story, has charged a Democratic-connected lawyer who’s a cybersecurity expert, with “lying” to an FBI agent. This, just 48-hours before the statute of limitations ends on such special counsel investigations.

Nobody witnessed the “lie”, the “lie” wasn’t recorded, and the “lie” happened over five years ago.

In other words, the investigation into the investigators fell flat. So much for “blowing the roof off the DC and Clinton corruption that led to the whole Trump-Russia collusion scam hoax!”

Consider now the fact that we currently have a Supreme Court that violates even the spirit of their mission to uphold the constitutional rights of every citizen by turning a blind eye to a Texas scheme to deputize everyday citizens to harass women who exercise their long-ago-adjudicated constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy and reward said bounty-hunters monetarily with 10-thousand dollars.

Clearly, we are reaping the consequences of an illegitimate Supreme Court that exists only because one con-man, Senator Mitch McConnell, has no morals and willingly usurps constitutional order to pack the Court with rubber-stamp political cronies.

To make matters all the worse, Fox “News” is now aiming to completely politicize the law and even first responders. They are currently running an ad campaign to boost subscribers for their “Fox Nation” Web site by offering police officers and first responders “one year free.”

Law enforcement has always been perceived as a bastion of conservatism because of the way they seem to treat people-of-color and counter-culture types, those they imagine are their political opposites, but I can’t imagine it being more so.

It’s no secret that Fox “News” hired Black conservative Lawrence Jones after he rose to prominence raising money for anti-LGBTQ causes. So, we know where their heads are at. What if the officer who responded to my call had been Fox “News” appropriated?

Lastly, we have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and this mask-mandate business: one judge says “no”, and then another… wait for it…reverses the ruling! Do what?

So, law is dead and now we have only politics, privilege and personality?

Makes a man appreciate Bryan County sheriff’s deputies.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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