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Letter to the editor: No to requiring Covid 19 vaccine
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My name is CJ Bost, I am a Boy Scout in Troop 11.

I am writing you because I think that it should not be a requirement to get the Covid vaccine. It is a violation of my right as an American, In the years before the pandemic many anti-vaccers have chosen not to get themselves vaccinated or their kids. Furthermore, the Democrats defended their right to do so.

Their argument for many years is that it is unsafe or not studied long enough.

This is the same argument that is being made by people that do not want the covid19 vaccine today.

Now the big question is why Democrats are pushing so hard for people to get the Covid19 vaccine. It is because they are making money off the advertisement and the companies that made the vaccines.

This is why people don’t want the vaccine because they don’t trust the validity of the vaccine it self or the Democratic party.

C.J. Bost, Richmond Hill

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