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Letter to the editor: Government is (a necessary) evil
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Government is evil. Pure democracy is socialism blended with Marxist ideals and is why the concept of a Utopian society fails.

The idea of everyone contributing equally to the wellbeing of all sounds good but never will be attainable simply because of human nature.

Our instinct for survival is very strong, that’s the reason why in this modern age instead of hunting we indulge in capitalist endeavors to feed our needs.

By forcing some to contribute for all, the gap between those who actually work and those who don’t widen – leading to disaster and collapse.

This is very obvious in blue states and especially large cities where those who don’t contribute insist government take from those who already are burdened by confiscated income.

Here in Georgia, our capital of Atlanta is an example of how large cities impact the rest of the state. It’s so blue it alone almost has control over the rest of the state by proxy, but thank goodness so far flyover country is still maintaining diligence and oversight using common sense, a trait Democrats have lost.

Government is a necessary evil for society to exist, but citizens have to stay informed and in control over bureaucratic needs for growth and dominance.

Ed Edwards Ellabell

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