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Letter to the editor: Follow the science on issue of transgenderism
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When it comes to the issue of global warming, the educators and the government all say, “follow the science.” All during the Covid 19 pandemic, the mantra was, “follow the science.”

But when it comes to the issue of transgenderism there is this strange silence. No one is saying “Follow the science.” Why is that? Because this whole transgender fad is totally based on emotions and not science.

The science of biology and human anatomy clearly reveals to us that there are over 100 physiological difference between males and females.

For example: Women have a different skeletal structure than men.

Feet: Men have longer and wider feet than women. Muscles: 40 percent of mans’ body weight is muscle compared to 23 percent of woman’s body Strength: Men are 50 percent stronger than women in brute strength Skin: Women have a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat = softer skin than men Organs: Women have a larger stomach, liver and kidney than men.

Heart: Men have larger hearts than women.

Heartbeat: Women’s hearts beat more rapidly than men's. (avg. 80 vs.72) Blood: Women have 20 percent fewer red blood cells than men.

Metabolism: Men have a 5-10 percent higher rate than women.

Body Temperature: Women’s mean body temp is slighter higher than men's Lungs: Women have 30 percent less lung capacity than men.

Eyes: Women can detect subtle variations in colors better than men.

Nose: Women have 43 percent more olfactory bulb cells than men (can smell better).

Taste: Women have more taste buds than men. (35 percent of women are super-tasters) Hormones: Men produce 6-8 mg of Testosterone/ day vs. Women .05 mg/ day. Women- normal levels of Estrogen are from 45 pg/ml - 400 pg/ml during pregnancy.

Serotonin: Women produce only 50 percent of the serotonin that men have. (they worry more) Brains: Men’s brains are 11-12 percent larger than women’s.

Brains are wired differently: Women have a larger deep limbic system, etc Women have Ovaries, a Uterus and a Vagina. (Men have neither of the 3 Women have 3 physiological functions: menstruation, pregnancy & lactation. (Men don’t) DNA: All males have an XY chromosome. Females have the XX chromosome.

Every cell of the male body is different from every cell of the female body.

To think that one can change their gender from male to female or vice versa, is a delusion.

To live in a state of delusion is a form of mental illness. (Psychosis) It’s time to stop this transgender foolishness and “Follow the science.”

Professor Tom Seaman, Richmond Hill

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