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Letter to the editor: For the children of the world
Letter to the Editor generic


My heart breaks for the children of the world. There’s a virus here, and it’s taking them out one by one.

The unborn and the born, the children living and the children already deceased. From poverty, to abuse, to neglect, to abortion, to bullying, to senseless discriminations and killings due to the color of their skin, to crime, to hate . Our children are dying due to our own pride, prejudices and ignorance .

The virus is here in our own Christian, city, suburban and rural bubbles. It holds no bounds and evades our churches too. Not just in someone else’s home or church, but in our very own.

We do the children of the world and our own children a disservice and injustice when we remain silent when we too should be enraged .

There is no herd immunity nor vaccine for this virus.

For our children’s lives, we must do better, demand change, be the miracle and the antidote.

e must come together in more than theory and lip service, but in practice. We can’t afford to pass on this virus to the next generation. It’s too lethal.

This virus is here, right under our noses. Yet, so is the antidote. We all must discover it.

For the love of God, community and justice.

Adrienne Jackson, Richmond Hill

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