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Letter to the editor: Carter mailer diverts blame
Letter to the Editor generic


I recently got Buddy Carter’s campaign flyer on drugs, China’s roll in COVID-19, and diverting blame from Trump. They cover one of the three phases of a pandemic.

1. Where did the virus originate? 

2. How did it get here?

3. What did we do once it was here?

Republicans hope that by constantly talking about it coming from China, we will forget how it got here and what the administration did after it landed. Ultimately, however, it makes no difference if COVID-19 came from China, Chili, or Chad, it has nothing to do with the clear failure of the Trump team and his GOP enablers to develop a coherent national plan to deal with the virus once it reached American soil.

Topping the list of enablers is our own Washington crew of Buddy Carter, Kelly Loeffler, and David Purdue. All three are scared to breath even a whisper of the truth for fear that Trump will replace them with someone even more loyal, so don’t expect anything else from our “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” trio other than blame China.

Trump is obsessed with winning in 2020 and convinced a healthy economy is key. A quick return to normal, by downplaying the virus, seems to be his best chance, and Trump is more than willing to put himself ahead of over 330 million American lives to get what he wants. Our representatives in Washington are just as guilty as they purposely enable Trump’s disastrous lack of leadership.

Ken Copi, Pembroke

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