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Letter to the editor: BCN letters policy not factual
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I just read Mr. Copi’s letter to the editor published in the Aug 6 paper. I don’t have a single problem with Mr. Copi’s opinions. I do, however, have a problem that you presented them as facts. The only fact presented was that Buddy Carter sent out a campaign flier blaming Covid-19 on China. Everything else Mr. Copi said was opinion. Deeply held, yes, but opinion. A more accurate title for the letter would have been “Opinion about Carter Mailer”.

When you state that you require letters to the editor be factual, and then publish one that is 1 short paragraph of fact followed by 3 long paragraphs of personal opinion, it gives the appearance that you either don’t know the difference or that you don’t care. Whichever is the case, please do one of two things: either do us the courtesy of not publishing someone’s opinions and then telling us they’re facts, or change your requirement regarding letters to the editor and be clear that letters may be more opinion than fact.

James Rush, Richmond Hill

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