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Letter to the editor: Abrams sisters wrong
Letter to the Editor generic


Stacey Abrams, who ran for the position of governor against Brian Kemp, but lost is promoting people to come into Georgia, register to vote for the January 5 Senate election and, I guess, go home.

To do this is illegal, so someone who wanted to be the governor of Georgia is outright promoting something illegal, but almost worst, the person who would do this becomes a felon.

Had Stacey Abrams won the governor’s race, does it make you wonder if she promotes something outright illegally, what she might do behind closed doors as a Governor?

As it is, Stacey Abrams is working with her sister, Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner.

Stacey has gotten her sister, Judge Gardner, to roll back an order on Georgia runoff voter challenges and right or wrong, she should recuse herself from this or anything Stacey Abrams is involved in.

She will not recuse herself.

Liz Bartlett, Richmond Hill

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