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Leave 'Bottom Village' sign alone
Letter to editor
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Editor, As a resident of Richmond Hill who grew up in the Bottom, it saddens me that one woman (assisted by her sister in Tifton and a man from Cordele) should be so upset over a mere historical marker.
The name “Bottom Village” refers to when Henry Ford drained a swamp bottom to build houses for his workers. After he died, my grandparents were given the chance to buy a nice house. They moved in around 1946 and lived there until they died. My father grew up there and so did I.
Anyone living in the Bottom or Blueberry knew they were doing well for themselves. Everyone I know, either from the Bottom or still living there, is proud to say they come from the Bottom.
The original ballfields for Richmond Hill are still there and active. Many people have fond memories of playing ball in the Bottom. Some of our city politicians grew up there and made homes for their families there.
Please leave the sign alone. Nickname or whatever, the sign has the term “Bottom Village” in quotation marks. It seems like the marker creator knew something about nicknames. You may not like it, but “Bottom Village” means something to a lot of people — and it’s not derogatory.
Be proud of where you live.

— Cliff Davis, Richmond Hill

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