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Learn while young in faith
pastor corner

I was reminiscing the other day about some of the funniest things I had experienced working with kids over the years.

Kids are fun to watch because they often do things that they probably won’t do as adults because of learning through experience the hard way. You often see a lot of these moments on shows like “America’s Funniest Videos.”

I remember taking a few kids fishing who had never been before. A boy about 6 years old was learning how to cast out a fishing line.

He was at the edge of the water and as he came forward with the fishing rod to throw out the line, his whole body went with it straight into the lake.

Another time one of the boys (it’s amazing that it was always the boys) got his hook caught on something way out under the water and pulled back on the fishing rod trying to pull it loose.

This had stretched the line so tight that it pulled it right out of his hands and shot it out into the lake like a torpedo. His dad had just purchased that nice rod and reel the day before.

I am not saying that crazy stuff can’t happen as adults, but we should learn from our mistakes and experiences and they should at least happen less frequently.

In our spiritual lives, we are growing up as well. The scriptures even call us babies in Christ when we are new in the faith, and Ephesians 4:15 says it this way: “We are to grow up in every way into him who is the head into Christ ...”

We may do silly things when we are young in the faith, maybe even some embarrassing things, but we learn from our mistakes and experiences and become more like Jesus Christ.

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