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Learn to follow rules of the road
Letter to editor
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Editor, While scrolling through the Chatham County Sheriff’s website recently, I found it quite interesting the number of people who were pulled over and arrested for operating a vehicle without tail lights.
So it made me wonder: How many people know that when their cars “day lights” are on, the tail lights do not go on? How many realize that when they use their “parking lights,” their tail lights do not go on? If you don’t believe me, turn on your day lights, put your car in park and walk to the back of your car to check.
Too many people depend on these day lights to do the work for them. It’s not that exhausting to turn on one’s lights. The automobile industry did an injustice to everyone by not thinking this feature through, or perhaps our society is just too lazy to do the right thing.
Let’s not talk about the amount of people out there who drive around with only one working parking light. Why bother? How about the ones who do not turn their headlights on in the rain? Do you not know that it is the law in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, to name a few states? Was it different in the state where you last resided and you just didn’t get around to looking up the laws of Georgia?
The general rule of thumb is: If you need to use your wipers, then your headlights should be on as well. You may be able to see the road, but other drivers find it very difficult to see you, especially if it is raining, cloudy, foggy or it’s at dusk or dawn. Think of that 18-wheeler riding behind you on a rainy highway. Can he see you clearly?
In general, people need to be more careful and follow the rules of the road. If not, you could end up arrested and/or fined just like the ones on the website, or you could end up in a wreck that could have been avoided.

— Cathleen Korzik, Richmond Hill

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