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Just because it glitters necessarily
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Why is it that the folks who make movies think they ought to run the world? Hmm? I mean, what gives Sean Penn the ‘right’ to go down to Venezuela and make patty-fingers with Hugo Chavez? Does he think he is doing the world a favor? I’d like to force-fit one of Sunnybuns’ boxing gloves on and take a wild swing at him. At BOTH of them, in fact. What kind of nutbag IS Sean Penn, anyway? And why does he think it is so noble of him to go down there and bad mouth our President? Doesn’t President Bush have a hard enough time dealing with folks like that ding-a-ling Nancy Pelosi and that birdbrain Cindy Sheehan? I mean, what next? Angelina Jolie going over to Russia and giving Putin an eye full of her candy? She is another moron that I best not get started on...she just makes my underwear get all twisty...and it BOTHERS me!

Since when did celebrities think it was their God-given right to go around the world and tell people what Americans like or dislike? How dare they!!

I know they all want to be DO-GOODERS, but they’d do more good if they’d just stop trying to be the next Mother Teresa or Audrey Hepburn. No one can replace what those two women did for the spirit of the world. Princess Diana. Another beacon in the night.

Does Angelina Jolie really think that she is so fabulous because she adopted children out of their native countries, away from family that might actually have WANTED to raise them? I understand she is trying to learn their native language so she can help them connect with their roots later on in life. As if they’d want to, after living an extraordinarily privileged life. I’ll give her her due if she truly wanted to give them an opportunity they would probably otherwise never have, but there is just something about her that doesn’t ring true. Seems like a lot of posturing.

Like when Joan Crawford, poster mother of the 20th century, quickly went out and brought two more children home after learning Bette Davis had a child. As if poor old Christina and Christopher didn’t have enough problems trying to save themselves from her...Joan was the ultimate posturer. But that’s just my own personal private opinion. Danged fine actress, though, no doubt about it. Can’t say the same for Jolie. She’s about as bad an actor as Tom Cruise. Come on now people, admit it, that boy just cannot act! Yes, they’re both pretty big igmos, but they can’t act.

In fact, if A.J. is so intent on adopting children, ol’ Britney Spears has got two that would probably love to be saved from her. I mean, if I were Britney’s kids, I would MUCH rather have Brad Pitt for a dad than Kevin Federline (WHO? you ask..and you should...).

Like Paris Hilton saying she wants to do all these charitable works...becoming another menace to high society. First charitable thing she needs to do is open a Hilton Hotel for Stupid Young Actresses/Singers. Make it like the Betty Ford Clinic...don’t get me wrong...I’d never dish on the BFC...its a great place (so I’ve heard). But you know, Paris at the gate with wide open loving arms, taking in the spoiled twentysomethings that just can’t seem to get it together ala Britney and LooLoo Lohan. That way, instead of wandering the streets and bugging the mess out of everyone else, they’re all sequestered in some nice digs that they don’t want to leave. WHEW! Wouldn’t THAT be a relief! To get in your car and know one of those drunken boobs isn’t gonna slam into your car and then throw a platform sandal at you! Get it together, girls!

Another thought I had, scary in itself, is if Rosie O’Donnell plans to run for ANY government office, I think I would have to run too, just to put those tight little boxing gloves on again and have at her. I think Donald Trump might actually sponsor my campaign, don’t you?

Hey, if our naybobs of society want to go and spread world peace, go on ahead. But don’t go running around the world telling people how BAD America is and how AWFUL Americans are. That’s just nothin’ but shameful behavior...and folks who DO that ought NOT be let back in!

Maybe I take these things too seriously, but it sure smacks of ‘treason’ to me, which I believe is still punishable by law, ain’t it?


Big Mama best get out her fistful of boomstick...

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