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Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice
pastor corner

Last Monday communities and individuals all across America celebrated “Memorial Day,” a day where we give thanks for the service and sacrifice of military men and women who have died and went on before us.

These individuals were willing to be in harm’s way so that we can enjoy peace and freedom.

There is someone else in history who gave the ultimate sacrifice, his name is Jesus Christ. He was willing to be beaten and crucified in order for us to experience forgiveness, peace and eternal life.

Several years ago I decided to raise money for our first church building by conducting a run/walk event. People pledged so much per every mile I traveled by foot per day, with a maximum being 50 miles per day. Previously, I had never gone more than 14 miles in any day.

I started out right before daylight from my neighborhood and went over into the next county, making a circle then headed back home. Fortunately I was able to finish in about 13 hours.

During this event, there were several things that happened that could have caused me to quit. After the first 15 miles I started getting really tired and in behind my right knee, which made it painful to use that leg.

Then at mile 40, a huge blister popped on the back of my left foot, which burned every time I took a step.

You may ask, “How did you keep moving forward?”

Every time I felt pain, I thought of what Jesus had to go through so that it was possible for me to be involved in his work. I said to myself, “This is nothing compared to what he went through.”

I don’t know what you are going through or what pain you may be experiencing. But whatever it is, think about what Jesus did for you and that might help you to get through it.

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