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Her 5K training is looking up
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Things are seemingly looking up for my 5K training. I’m super motivated and have been getting some really supportive feedback from the community, so thanks to everyone for that!

There’s a local Rotarian who’s offered to go over some tips with me, so I’m hoping to do that next week. It’s always nice to talk to people who know more than me about exercise.

I got information about the Nonstop Fitness Bootcamp, which starts later this month. I’m already a member at Nonstop and I’m not sure if I’ll add the bootcamp to my regime, but I definitely appreciate the interest.

I finally got to meet everyone who’s working to put together the Energy Oasis 5K. They held an Open House last Wednesday and I had a chance to stop by and meet Kathy Ackerson and the rest of her crew.

Kathy was also nice enough to give me some pointers, only furthering my current motivation.

I started following my "Cool Running" web site suggestions for upping my stamina, which she verified is definitely the way to go (intermixing spurts of running with walking). I’m almost done with week five right now and my legs are feeling the burn, but it’s good to know my workouts are having a definite impact on my muscles.

Kathy provided me with some suggestions, like once a week doing the 5K program with a varying incline. She said even if I have to slow down my pace, it’s important to get accustomed to running on changing elevations. Also, she recommended that in about two more weeks, I start doing spring work.

She recommended doing one minute of sprinting (on an incline) and then one minute of walking at a fast pace, once a week. I’m not sure how many minutes I’ll actually last doing that, but hopefully in two weeks I’ll be ready to make some serious progress.

I’m realizing this definitely requires a never-ending supply of motivation (which, I’m not going to kid myself, I don’t always have – it comes and goes).

Lately, I feel like I’ve got some support and some knowledge to really do it, which is definitely helpful. I’m just trying to keep that whole mojo going…

I read a quote that I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind:

"If you only work at losing weight when you feel like it, you’ll always be overweight."

I think Dr. Phil said it and while I’m not training for this race just to lose weight (it’s more about getting in shape), I’m hoping I can make it a lifestyle change for myself, where working out truly becomes a part of the routine, rather than always that ‘something extra’ on my to do list.

Holthaus will take part in the Energy Oasis 5K in April.

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