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Habits: good or bad?
pastor corner

A few years ago a group of pastors went on what was called "pastors’ adventure." This is where we traveled in a bus and visited churches that were experiencing God's blessing.

One year we went to the state of Michigan to visit some of these churches and stopped by one in Holland. The plan was that we stay in church members’ homes, usually two per residence.

The home I stayed in had developed a habit or custom of using their bath towels multiple days. So when we arrived there, they gave us one towel for the few days we would be staying. It was new to me but, guess what, when I got home it became my habit. (I noticed motels have picked up on this idea as well.)

We see in scripture that Jesus practiced several habits. We are told about one of them in Luke 4:16 where it states, "... on the Sabbath day he (Jesus) went into the synagogue, as was his custom (or habit)."

We can go throughout the gospels where it speaks of his life and find on many occasions where he left the disciples or crowds and went away to pray. The indication is that this was his normal habit.

We all have habits, some good and some not so good. Let's just look at some of the bad habits, like oversleeping and being late to school or work, throwing your clothes on the floor instead of the laundry basket, eating too much and smoking or taking drugs – and you can add to this list.

Let's look at some good ones, like reading the Bible each day, going to church regularly, praying daily, doing an act of kindness each day, giving regularly in response to the Lord's goodness to you and telling your spouse that you love them each day – and again I know you can add to this list.

The truth is that there are consequences as a result of practicing both good and bad habits. We can choose today to start some good habits and we can choose today to get rid of the bad ones.

The good news is that if you choose to follow Jesus Christ, he will give you the power to change.


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