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Guns can't be legislated away
Victor Pisano
Victor Pisano is a writer who lives in Ford Plantation. - photo by Photo provided.

This gun problem facing us today cannot be "legislated away." It has gone way, way too far past that point.

The undeniable movement de jour is to remove all guns from society — all guns. That’s the anti-gun, anti-NRA movement. The outcry. Anyone who thinks this is not the ultimate goal of this movement is masking the truth.

"All guns must go!" That’s the black-and-white of it. Will it happen? No. That is a naïve premise. Turning the NRA into the bogeyman is the objective of this provocative movement. You would have to knock on the doors and forcibly confiscate tens of millions of private guns in this country. This will not happen without thousands of resultant casualties — Americans shooting Americans. Although there are millions of people who want to see confiscation happen, including many lawmakers in Washington, it won’t. Why? Because there are also tens of millions of "armed" Americans who would not let it happen. Stalemate.The lunacy and tragedy that went down in Las Vegas will always be present in this country — always. That is the awful and glaring truth. Period. There is no possible way of stopping someone who suddenly becomes crazy enough to shoot indiscriminately. There is absolutely no protection against it. That shooter in the window of Mandalay Bay was not openly crazy in the sense that he could not purchase semi-automatic rifles and high-end armaments. He was legal no matter what the mandatory background check was. What now? He was a successful businessman and hunter — a high-roller gambler with no criminal record. He would have passed any background profiling easily. He was also indiscernibly crazy. The conundrum. So, what’s the reasonable argument? There is none.

There also is no answer. To assure this massacre would never happen again, you would have to ban all sales of all guns, all ammunition, and confiscate all of the Second Amendment that is out there in this country in order for Stephen Paddock not to have sprayed bullets on that concert crowd. Won’t happen. Change what then?

A change of attitude in this country needs to happen — a more civil society. A more civil discourse. We need a media that doesn’t constantly look for "blood" every chance it gets against the sitting executive branch. These constant character-assassination attempts on a duly elected president must stop. We need a civil society that doesn’t express civil disobedience by smashing store windows and taking what’s inside. We need a civil society that doesn’t sit by while thousands of drive-by killings with unregistered handguns happen in "sanctuary" cities. We need a civil society where police enforcement operates without prejudice by exemplifying its call to duty to the full letter of the law. We need a civil society that does not silence free speech by hooded gangs with bats or by others who use cars to drive into protestors. We need a civil society that doesn’t cheer the tearing down of historical artifacts, burning books, artwork or smash statuary. We need a civil society that doesn’t take a knee in shame against its own national anthem and flag.

Hard to do? It’s a heck of a lot easier to achieve a civil society than to go door to door in America confiscating the Second Amendment.

You want to stop gun violence and mass murder in this country? The only way to do that, the only way to make America great again, is to "validate" all opinions to the point of nonaggression. Get rid of the "fight-to-the-death" mentality against those who disagree with you. Are you listening NYT, WP, CNN, Breitbart and MSNBC? That’s the only way - and to enforce the stringent gun laws that are already on the books.

Last, I am neither a member of the NRA nor do I own a gun. I’m just an American.

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