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Guest column: DABC on longtime exporter ARREFF
Guest columnist

By Sean Register, Chairman, Development Authority of Bryan County.

Since 1997, ARREFF Terminals, formerly Global Commodities, has operated out of a nondescript red brick building on Highway 280 just outside of the city of Pembroke. ARREFF packages a variety of animal feed products and loads them into shipping containers exported through the Port of Savannah. 

Most people driving by probably don’t realize that the products they see being loaded into containers will eventually make their way to places as far away as the Middle East and China. In addition to exporting, ARREFF also imports products, including ink from India used by International Paper.

ARREFF chose the building on Highway 280 primarily because a rail spur could be installed to serve the property. After beginning operations, the company worked under the name Global Commodities for two decades before it was purchased by Fornazor International and renamed ARREFF Terminals to align with branding of the company’s other logistics terminals. Since the company name changed to ARREFF Terminals in 2017, it has continued to grow quickly and now employs 10 people. Additionally, the company plans to double its exports to China beginning in April. I am always fascinated to see what new products ARREFF has coming through the facility. Learning more about the far corners of the world to which ARREFF exports and from which the company imports always provides me with a fresh perspective on Bryan County’s place in global commerce.

Register is chairman of the DABC and writes regularly about local industries.

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