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Giving is better than receiving
pastor corner

Today is Halloween. You may have some little goblins knocking on your door tonight asking for a treat.

I know that Christians approach this holiday in different ways with different attitudes. I know some who do not acknowledge the day at all. Others go all in with the decorations and celebrations.

At our church we will have our annual “Trunk or Treat,” where we will decorate our cars and give out candy to a few hundred children who will make their way through our parking lot.

I’ve always thought that this gives us the opportunity to offer a safe place for parents to bring their children, and we have the privilege of serving our community.

My own sons have long graduated from trick-or-treating. I suppose I could sit in the back of my house with the lights off and pretend that I’m not home. But I do enjoy the smiles and the “thank-yous” from the children who dress up and walk through our church property. The parents seem quite grateful as well.

To be honest, our church does not benefit greatly from doing this ministry. We have had one or two families join our church as a result of Trunk or Treat, and that is over a time of more than 20 years.

We spend money on the candy and the food that is served freely. And all of the volunteers buy more candy, and give their time, all for the blessing of serving others.

I’ve come to realize, after 37 years as a pastor, that churches need to do more things for our communities without the hope of getting in return. We exist for the benefit of others. God has called us to serve. But he has also reminded us of this truth: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I believe that more today than I ever have before.

I’ll admit this: I enjoy receiving. But giving is even better. Jesus was right. You will be blessed as you give.

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