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Refrigerator that almost wasn't
Richmond Hill Ramblings
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I have learned not to throw anything away until the situation has been fully analyzed. Learning a bitter lesson is probably something we all do from time to time.
 After living in Richmond Hill for two years, we bought a new refrigerator. It was a well known brand. One hot day, on a weekend, I went to get some ice for a cold drink. The refrigerator was warm, although it was still running when the door was opened. It was stashed full of frozen food that was beginning to thaw around the edges. The whole matter caused a sudden stimulation of my nerves. At that moment, I knew of no one to call. There was only one thought on my mind, get a new refrigerator in place immediately, and dispose of the old one.
We immediately went into Savannah to a major store and bought a replacement which was made by the same company. Being such, the company deducted a portion of the cost, not much, but it was better than nothing. They delivered the new refrigerator, installed it, and offered to take the old one to the dump. However, by sheer intuition, I had them move it into the garage. At least, at this point, proper judgement was used. The old refrigerator, even being a lemon, and being just two years old, looked too new just to throw it into the dump.
 So, for a while, after being at war with myself, and taking a break from the situation, caused me to take on a different perspective. You might call it an attitude adjustment. However, at this point is where I learned a bitter lesson. All this could have been avoided had only calm and coolness been applied. Even not knowing anything about refrigerators, I could have looked for a blown fuse, a damaged wire, or some other basic cause.   
 Considering the positive aspects of all this, I have a like new, refrigerator standing out in my garage, but in a useless state. Learning about refrigerators, reading about them and thinking about mine, were the things to do. Being  mechanically minded,  I began to get ideas.
 On a warm day, having nothing to do, relaxing around the house, I took a close look at that useless refrigerator setting out in the garage. Checking things out, removing panels to see what could be found, were interesting and irritable. What could I lose? I took a look at the compressor. pulled off a part. It was a switch. A close examination showed that it had been burned and scorched. Common sense told me that it shouldn’t look like that. A technician at the refrigerator parts store told me that it was a bad one, and that it should be replaced. The new switch was anything but cheap, but buying it was worth taking a chance. If it worked, I would have an extra refrigerator. Plugging the new switch in, the refrigerator came alive and began cooling.
  After a year, it is still performing like a brand new refrigerator.  

 Bond lives in Richmond Hill.

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