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An unexpected role reversal
Military spouse
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Perhaps even more difficult than having absolutely nothing to do while your husband too busy to talk to you is being too busy to talk to your husband when he has absolutely nothing to do. That was my month.
Between family emergencies, work projects and the ever-demanding vacation Bible school, my entire month has been swamped. His, on the other hand, has stayed far less busy. After six months of a ridiculously exhausting schedule, he’s finally getting some free time, and plenty of it.
Unfortunately, this means that instead of his daily “I’m just checking in” calls, I’m getting “I’m so bored” calls multiple times a day at the most bizarre times. However, despite his odd timing, he always seems to catch me when I’m unavailable.
I’m a firm believer that the soldier comes first. That’s not to say that what a military spouse is doing is any less important, but the soldier is in a foreign place with people who may be friends, but are first and foremost coworkers. In my opinion, that makes their situation harder than ours.
Because of my belief, I generally try to set him at a high priority, above whatever is going on in my life here in the states. But recently I’m having problems giving him the attention he seems to want continuously while maintaining a semi-normal life here.
However, in this struggle, I’m finding that I understand his former situation much better, and he better understands mine. So even though the roles have been reversed, we’re finding it easier to sympathize with each other and are more understanding and grateful for the time we do get, which when I think about it, is quite a bit.

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