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Christmas is most wonderful time
Wendy Sims
Wendy Sims is director of Bryan County Family Connection. - photo by Photo provided.

Editor’s note: Though Wendy Sims would probably beg to differ, few people in our community do more on a daily basis to help those less fortunate. She’s helped thousands of families have merrier Christmases over the years in her position as director of Bryan County Family Connection. That’s why we decided to put the shoe on the other foot and asked her to write a guest column about what she’d like for Christmas.

Christmas. the most wonderful time of year, is here and you can feel the excitement everywhere. Christmas music fills the air, people are hustling and bustling to finish shopping, and children are making Christmas wishes as they wait for the best day of the year.

When I think about what my Christmas wish list looks like, I realize that Christmas has changed dramatically for me through the years.

As a child, I longed for Christmas with anticipation, eager to wake up early and see the gifts left by Santa Claus. I vividly recall one Christmas as a young teen, I was so excited to get a new boom box so that my cousin Julie and I could listen to our New Kids On The Block tapes. Man, we really thought we were something.

As an adult, I know that I already have everything I need for Christmas. I have a strong faith that guides my daily life.

I am blessed to have a loving, supportive family who are always there to help me with anything I need. I have a warm home, food to eat, and all the material necessities of life.

I have great friends who understand and love me for who I am. I have a great job with wonderful colleagues and partnerships through shared visions for improving the lives of our residents. In thinking about this, however, I realize that not everyone can say this.

For many different reasons, there are situations and circumstances that prevent some from having everything they need. This is my passion - my greatest desire - to help others overcome and experience eager anticipation and joy this holiday season.

I want to thank you for opening your hearts this year and donating toys, clothes, and gifts for over 600 children in Bryan County.

Your generosity will make Christmas morning merry for these children who might otherwise have had a bleak, sad Christmas.

There is truly no greater joy than in giving and helping others.

Bryan County is so blessed to have community members who give of their time, talents, and resources to support the programs of Bryan County Family Connection. Without your support, BCFC would not be able to accomplish many of the programs and services we extend to our neighbors in need.

When times are hard, families are supported and helped through our agency - due in large part to each of you who give to and support our programs.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas season, we can all follow the example of giving generously.

There are many opportunities for serving. Please join me in helping others through your donations to the food banks and clothing banks who serve both North and South Bryan.

As we move forward into a new year, you can also help with monetary gifts or by volunteering your time with the programs our agency and partner agencies provides to those needing help.

Our Bryan County Family Connection collaborative also advocates for our most vulnerable citizens, such as children who are victims of abuse, our senior citizens, those who need mental health services, victims of domestic abuse, and others. As you search your heart about ways to help, please consider becoming an advocate with our agency to help those who cannot help themselves. By collaborating and working together, you can help us continue Building A Better Bryan.

So, what do I want for Christmas this year? Truly my greatest wish is for all Bryan County families to have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…. And the New Kids On The Block reunion CD.

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