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Christianity is definitely no hoax
pastor corner

The definition of a hoax is a plan or a trick to deceive a large group of people, and I was a recipient of just such a thing recently.

One of my nephews put up this picture of his door being kicked in and stated that the culprit also stole everything he owned.

His message seemed to be to the intruder, stating that he had several cameras and knew who that person was and if the stuff wasn’t brought back and the door repaired within so many hours then he would let everybody know who they were.

When I saw it, I was feeling sorry for my nephew and even told a few of my family and friends about how horrible it was. Then I called my sister, his mama, and asked her about it.

She said it was just a hoax and when she saw it she knew something was up because the doorwas not what his door even looked like.

Well, they got me and there was no harm done.

There are other things that end up being hoaxes and some are just innocent jokes. But there are others that lead people astray and even some that turn into rumors that can destroy people’s reputations.

Some have stated that Christianity is a big hoax, leading people astray with a false hope.

I will admit that there are some leaders who may use Christianity to take advantage of others financially. And, yes, there are a few who are just flat out hypocrites who want to impress and just appear transformed.

The scripture tells us that true followers of Jesus have really changed and are being transformed to be more like Jesus. The writer of 2 Corinthians says, “When someone becomes a Christian they become a brand new person inside.”

There is plenty of evidenceof those who have gone from being a person of hate to someone who loves everyone; from someone who is proud to someone who is humble; from someone who desires to do evil to someone who only desires to do that which is right; and from an addict of some sort to someone who is free.

No, real genuine Christianity is not a hoax and it will change your life and give you the real hope of this eternal place we call heaven.

The best news is that everyone is invited to come follow Jesus, who will never disappoint.

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