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Change is a part of nature
pastor corner

This past week, we started to see a major change in the weather; it has dropped in temperature by 10 to 20 degrees.

We have seen the leaves react to the fall season by changing color or falling off the trees.

The grass has stopped growing for the most part and has become dormant. Some birds have left the area while others from the north have shown up.

The sand gnats have found there way into our lives while the flies have disappeared. All year long things change in nature.

Human beings are a creation that has the capacity to change.

One minute we can be happy and the next minute sad. One minute we can be calm and the next minute angry.

Because of our physical make-up, one day we can be sick and the next day well.

Change in us can happen as a result of our moods or personality and it can affect those around us.

The great news is that we can experience a heart change when Jesus comes into our heart, which works its way out through our actions.

The greater news is that the Jesus we serve never changes; He is according to scripture “the same yesterday, today and forever”.

He will never fail us and will always be faithful.

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