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Celebrating the goodness of God
pastor corner

Most of us are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, and for Christians it should be a celebration of God’s goodness.

In Psalms 107:1 we are instructed to “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.”

Now we should understand that every day of every week the Lord deserves our gratitude, and Thanksgiving is just a reminder of what we should be doing all of the time.

Sometimes it’s easy to just view Thanksgiving as another opportunity to get a break from work, be with those we love and to eat some good food, with no actual giving of thanks.

Some are thankful but don’t know which way to direct their thanks. Followers of Jesus Christ know that it is truly God who is good to us, but how is he good to you personally?

Let me just name a few things to possibly jog our memories: How about having people that love us, like our spouses or our children or our parents, just to name a few?

How about the necessities of life, like clean water or plenty of food to eat, or a roof over our heads?

How about having a job or having good health in order to work, and having a vehicle to get to work?

How about the most important blessing of all, an ability to have a relationship with our heavenly Father because of what Jesus has done for us, which gives us forgiveness, peace and eternal life?

The truth of the matter is that our God is much better to us than we deserve, and he is even good to those who don’t serve him by supplying rain, sunshine and air in abundance, besides offering forgiveness, peace and eternal life to anyone who will accept them.

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