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Buddy is no buddy to district
Letter to the editor
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Editor: At the town hall in Homerville last evening, Congressman Carter touted his horn on his recent vote to deny all federal funding for sanctuary cities.

Through the last election cycle, he and his fellow Republicans proclaimed loudly about less federal interference in the states and more states’ rights.

During discussion last night, one of the areas he advocated withholding funding for was the testing of rape kits which are required for evidence collection in order to successfully prosecute sexual assault cases.

So, now that they are in power and states are asserting their rights, they plan to eliminate funding for doing the very thing he said he wanted them to do.

The only consistency in Republican positions is they are always contingent on what they think will keep them elected and in power and never what is best for our country. With three Democratic candidates already announced for his seat, I hope the voters will see that Buddy Carter is not what is in the best interest of this district. Not my Buddy.

Robert Groves


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