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Be positive with faith
pastor corner

The times we live in are different times. Most people living today have not experienced anything as bad as the coronavirus in our lifetime. We in the Richmond Hill area and most of the southeast experienced some severe weather recently, with some areas of the country seeing several people killed and homes destroyed.

Then there is hurricane season coming, which is predicted to be an active season.

But none of what we have seen or will come our way has taken our God by surprise – he still is in total control.

I ran across a scripture that got me thinking. It’s in Esther chapter 4, verse 14. There was a queen named Esther, who was miraculously put in that position so that she could end up being responsible for the saving of the Jewish people.

God’s people didn’t understand why their lives were being threatened and why he was allowing it to happen, but again God took what some meant for evil and turned it out for good.Could it be that we who are God’s children are here now for such a time as this? We who are followers of Jesus can let our lights shine like never before, offering hope to those who seem to have no hope.

We can be positive no matter what comes our way since we know that we still win.

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